Being a loan officer, are you looking to build relationship with realtors? Have you been told by other loan officers to be cautious about realtors? Have you ever felt being snubbed by real estate agents when tried to approach them?

It is essential for a loan officer to have diverse relationships to get the maximum number of 1003 application form. However, there are various loan officers who are averse to work with real estate agents for some reason or the other. This article is a guideline for all the loan officers to create a solid and long term relationship with realtors and making the most out of it.

It starts with finding the agents and their bio data. There are various ways to get information about realtors and the kind of work they have been doing. Off lately, Linked In has emerged as best and most sought after platform to do this exercise. Linked In is a social platform for professionals where they upload their profiles. Loan officers who are looking for good agents to be their partner should start with this as it will give them knowledge about agent’s past and based on that information they can come up with more potent strategy to approach real estate agents.

Once you have made the list of realtors you should be targeting and approaching to be your business partner, next step is approaching them in an effective way. Bear in mind, a real estate agent is approached by approximately twenty loan officers in a week. How will you stand out? Here are some tips:

·         Your first call should not sound like a sales call. Do not dig deeper in the first conversation, keep it simple and make it more like an introductory call.

·         Write down on the paper before making a call that how you can create value for the agent and why it is beneficial for him to work for you.

·         No matter how impressive is your track record and for how many years you have given to this field, no one have enough time to listen to your rant. Create a precise and to-the-point version of your profile.

·         “Practice makes a man perfect”. Make sure you are impressively eloquent when it comes talking about key benefits of forging a partnership with you.

·         Be a good listener: communication is not just an art of speaking but an art of listening also. You will come across various realtors who want to talk a lot. Treat them the way they want to be treated.

·         Do not forget to give him your mortgage website address. Website, if made well, can do wonder for you. Moreover, setting up a website is no more a chore since the inception of mortgage website templates.

·         Another effective way to start communication with realtor is email. Send them an introductory email and set up a time for telephonic conversation. 

With good offer of mortgage loans that we have a house of your dreams.


Good relationship with realtols is very important. You have to be proffesional and try to be kind.


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