There is no dearth of articles and tutorials on internet teaching and convincing mortgage professionals to have a website for the online marketing of their business, and tips to have the best website. Yet, I have come across various mortgage brokers whining on the ROI of their website, in spite of paying hefty amount to webmasters. 

The problem with most of the webmasters is that they fail to understand the difference between mortgage website and any other website. This article will tell you how website to market the mortgage distinct from websites representing other businesses. 


Home is something people are emotionally attached to and buying a home is quite a sentimental procedure for the people, and this is where various websites get it wrong. Website for mortgage - indeed the ultimate purpose is to generate sales - should have a look and feel as it intends to serve and inform the visitors. Below are the 3 tips to have a website to create a strong and potent relationship with the visitors. 

1) Firstly, try to make the visitors realize that you work for them rather than the financial institutions. Since mortgage industry is replete with difficult jargons and a lot of difficult calculations help them increase their knowledge about mortgage industry and keep on coming up with different options and solutions for them. 
Avoid the aggressive and intrusive marketing also. Refrain from the words like "hurry up" and "before it’s too late". Let visitors have their time and tell them you are always there for them.

Another way, now a day, to increase the credibility of websites is social media presence. Social media platforms like face book and twitter are rage and certainly best way to convey business news and information to maximum number of people. 

2) For most important decision of the life, client can get skeptical about whether to rely on website or not as it lacks physical existence. Therefore, mortgage website should have pictures, complete profiles and phone numbers of mortgage professionals. 
Another way to increase the credibility of website these days is creating social media profiles of the entire mortgage team. 
Upload the written testimony of previous clients and if possible, upload their video message talking about your services and how you helped them to opt for best mortgage option. 

3) A website is not just about providing information to visitors but responding to their questions and queries and also indispensable. A common mistake is mortgages brokers take "ASK A QUESTION" option on their website for granted and rarely check the questions asked by the visitors. Lack of technical knowledge would withhold mortgage professionals to interact with visitors as they were dependant on webmasters to make even a slightest of change in website. However, custom mortgage websites have resolved this issue to a great extent and now brokers are relatively in great control on website. Frequent interaction with visitors is essential to make sure website generate leads and yield expected result. 


just like the conventional mortgage business, success of mortgage website lies in building a trustworthy and strong relationship with the clients and prospects. And in order to get that kind of website, you - the mortgage professional - have to be in maximum control. Buying mortgage website templates is certainly the best way around to enjoy the maximum autonomy.

5/22/2013 09:26:22

Mortgage loans are the best way to buy yourself a house.

9/7/2013 06:54:04

I agree with you that there should be "ASK A QUESTION" option. It is important to explain everything that visitor wants to know.

12/12/2013 21:19:49

Customized mortgage websites are very important. No one will trust you with their business if your website isn't presentable or professional.


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